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By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Show Description:
From the playwrights behind “Inherit the Wind” we proudly present “The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail”. This drama, written in 1969, opens with Thoreau in jail for refusing to pay taxes to a government conducting a war of aggression in Mexico, at midpoint shows Ralph Waldo Emerson visiting him, and ends on the morning of his release. Scenes portray his return from Harvard where he idolized Emerson, his attempt to establish a transcendentalist school, his career as a handyman and tutor in Emerson’s household, and his romance and his friendship with an illiterate cellmate. The end is a grotesque dream in which the characters take up guises in a mortal assault on Mexico. Writing in The New York Times, Howard Taubman described the ideological relevance of the play to contemporary audiences, stating “this play and its protagonist, though they are of the 19th century, are speaking to today’s concerns: an unwanted war in another land, civil disobedience, the interdependence of man and nature, education, the role of government and the governed.”

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Director: Sarah May 


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November 15 - November 17


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