Theater Ninjas
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Written by Lauren Joy Fraley, Eric M. C. Gonzalez, Christopher Hisey, Ryan Lucas and Jeremy Paul

Show Description:
An explosion wakes you up from hibernation sleep near the end of a seven year long voyage to another star system. Your spacecraft is disabled, half your crew is missing, and if you want to make it back home again, you’ll need to work with the other survivors to make hard choices, navigate life-or-death situations, and discover the truth behind mysterious events. Don't Wander Off is an innovative storytelling performance that combines immersive theater and interactive game mechanics to create a unique sci-fi experience like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Jeremy Paul

Davis Aguila, Christina Dennis, Ryan Edlinger, Lauren Joy Fraley, Eric M. C. Gonzalez, Sally Groth, Christopher Hisey, Rachel Lee Kolis, Ryan Lucas, Jeremy Paul, Michael Prosen, Jack Schmitt, Hillary Wheelock, Carrie Williams, Kim Woodworth
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July 7 - July 29


7:30pm Thursdays
7:30pm Fridays
2pm and 7:30pm Saturdays
2pm and 7:30pm Sundays (2pm only on 7/16)

$25 General Admission

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