Ohio Shakespeare Festival
Professional Theatre

Script by: Terry Burgler
Original Music by: Scott Campbell

Show Description:
A rollicking time for the whole family, OSF’s Family Theatre programming introduces original stagings of beloved literary classics. Designed for both adults and children alike, Robin Hood: An Adventure, with Music is wholesome entertainment from a bygone age.

This original play features familiar characters from Sherwood forest in an entirely new, swashbuckling adventure.

Staff and Cast:


Robin Hood: Andrew Cruse
Friar Tuck: Terry Burgler
Will Scarlett: Scott Campbell
Alan-a-Dale: Jason Leupold
David of Doncaster: Joe Pine
Geoffery: Derrick Winger
Randall: Ryan Zarecki
Maid Marian: Tess Burgler
Katherine: Katie Zarecki
Duke of Arundel: Dean Coutris
Pricess Marguerite: Holly Humes
Sherriff of Nottingham: David McNees

Tickets and Press

July 21 - July 24

Grounds open at 6pm, Curtain at 8pm Thursday
Grounds open at 6pm, Curtain at 8pm Friday
Grounds open at 6pm, Curtain at 8pm Saturday
Grounds open at 6pm, Curtain at 8pm Sunday

$15-$30 Reserved Seating/General Admission

(330) 673-8761
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714 N. Portage Path
Akron, OH 44303

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