AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland/CANAPI
Benefit Production

Book by Michael Heitzman and Ilene Reid
Music and Lyrics by Michael Heitzman, Ilene Reid and David Holcenberg

Show Description:
t’s Bingo Night at Minnie’s Bing-o-Rama, and even a torrential storm won’t keep Patsy, Honey, and Vern from their weekly ritual. Armed with troll dolls and lucky charms, Patsy is still waiting for a big win, while Honey is hoping to win the heart of the handsome Bingo caller, Sam. Vern, a self-proclaimed professional Bingo player, is focused on winning at all costs — even after a dispute over a game 15 years ago caused a falling out with her former best buddy, Bernice.

When mysterious newcomer Allison shows up at the hall, Vern shows her the ropes…until Allison’s identity is revealed, forcing Vern to come to terms with her past behavior. As the storm rages and the numbers are called, relationships are sorted out and everyone comes out a winner — including some lucky audience members as the crowd plays Bingo along with the cast!

The performance will be a staged concert production; it will be performed in costume with some props, but will not feature sets, lighting effects, etc. The show is performed in two acts with an intermission.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Jonathan Kronenberger
Musical Director: Butch Marshall

Vern - Kevin Kelly
Patsy - Caitlin Elizabeth Reilly
Honey - Trinidad Snider
Sam Wonnetski/Frank - Brian Altman
Minnie Martinelli - Rachel Spence
Bernice Boodalay - Trey Gilpin
Alison Boodalay - Neely Gevaart
Ticket Information
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Monday, August 19th
Monday, August 26th

8pm on Monday 8/19 at Cassidy Theatre
7:30pm on Monday 8/26 at Weathervane Playhouse

Content Advisories: Bingo! The Winning Musical is recommended for mature audiences. It contains suggestive dialogue. Parents are requested to use their discretion in determining if this production may be suitable for their children.

$25 for 8/19 at Cassidy Theatre
$25 for 8/26 at Weathervane Playhouse

Order Tickets Online for 8/19 at Cassidy Theatre
Order Tickets Online for 8/26 at Weathervane Playhouse

For Monday August 19th:

Cassidy Theatre
6200 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH 44134

For Monday August 26th:

Weathervane Playhouse
1301 Weathervane Lane
Akron, Ohio 44313

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