Shadow of the Run
Professional Theatre

Show Description:
Prosperity. Joy. Ambition. Regret. In a time where family was one's true north, with the Great Depression looming, a wave of discontent rushed over the city. Ambition can lead to desperation; regret can lead to death. A young girl is ready to leave home for the big city, despite strangling words of caution from a family that cant, or wont understand her.  

With a chance to find a brighter path, she finds him instead - the origin of a heartbreaking legacy that will stain the city of Cleveland for years to come.

WanderLust brings immersive theatre to Northeast Ohio. Immersive theatre puts audiences in the middle of the action, a Choose Your Own Adventure scenario, where their experience is determined by the choices they make.

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Due to the nature of the experience and having audience members walk from location to location, all guests will be required to sign a general liability waiver prior to entering the performance. The waiver will be posted on our website by 7/15/19. Signing the waiver is mandatory if you plan on attending the performance.

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July 25 - August 4


Thursday - Saturdays (no performances 8/2)
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$40 ($42.99 with service fee)

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