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By: David Todd
Original score composed by: Ben Chasny

Show Description:
Things as They Are is a dramatic exploration of American poet Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), a stoic visionary whose titanic imagination and confounding duality have lent him an unwavering mystique. This all-new multimedia work combines a script by David Todd, an original score performed by Ben Chasny, and licensed works by Stevens himself with movement, commedia dell’arte, and projections. Fusing these elements, Things as They Are looks past the stock image of its subject as an aloof executive with avant-garde leanings. From run-ins with Marcel Duchamp to Ernest Hemingway, and from crises with wife Elsie to daughter Holly, the play reveals the “real” Wallace Stevens to be a man of great insight, contradictions, whimsy, and desire. 

Staff and Cast:

Director: Anjanette Hall

Robert Hawkes (Mature Wallace Stevens)
Jason Markouc (Young Wallace Stevens)
Laura Starnik (Elsie Stevens)
Tessa Hager (Holly Stevens)
Robert Branch (Garrett Stevens, W. C. Williams, and Ensemble)
Kenzie Critzer (Sybil Gage, Marianne Moore, and Ensemble) 
Jeanne Task (Kate Stevens, Mrs. Baldwin, and Ensemble)
Marco Liguori (Robert Frost, Walter Arensburg, and Ensemble)
Liam Stilson (Crispin, Ed Livingood, and Ernest Hemingway)
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May 12 - May 28


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays


(216) 302-8856
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Reinberger Auditorium (Upstairs Loft)
5209 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

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