Rubber City Shakespeare Company
Professional Theatre

By: William Shakespeare

Show Description:
One of the greatest love stories of all time returns to our stage in an all new production. Romeo, a Montague falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet and rival family to his. They defy all odds to be together but fate intervenes in this tragic play.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Christine McBurney 

Juliet - September Stanton
Romeo - Logan Honsaker
Mercutio/Escalus/Apothecary - Alex Funk
Benvolio/Friar Lawrence - Cait McNeal
Nurse/Sampson/Watch - Marina Gordon
Capulet - Jay Sigler
Lady Capulet - Mira Lamson Klein
Paris/Gregory/Citizen - Josh Crank 
Tybalt/Watch - Minor Cline
Montague/Musician/Friar John - Jason Calvert
Peter/Balthazar/Servant/Tybalt's Page/Citizen - eMJay Ross 
Lady Montague/Servant/Mercutio's page/Watch - Lauren Odioso
Abram/Servant/Paris' Page/ Citizen - TJ Hayes
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April 12 - April 28


7:30pm Thursday
7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays

Runtime: 2h 15m


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