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By: T. Paul Lowry

Show Description:
Captain Hook is a name to send delightful shivers down the spine of anyone who knows the tale of Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell. But have you ever wondered just how Hook came to Never Never Land with his merry (and comically despicable) band of buccaneers? This is the story of how Hook met Smee, and came to be the scourge of "the Land of Pan." All your favorite characters are here, but get ready for some giddy surprises that will make you clap your hands with glee.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Alison Garrigan

Kate Atherton: Tiger Lily
Jacob Boyle: School Master/Pirate/Puppeteer
John Busser: Captain Lawless Joe/Chief
Andrea Belser McCormick: Student/Pirate/Puppeteer
Bryon Tobin: James Hook
Leah P. Smith: Peter Pan
Matthew Zitelli: Smee

Tickets and Press

November 26 - December 18


Saturday, 11/26 2PM
Saturday, 11/26 7PM
Saturday, 12/3 2PM
Saturday, 12/3 7PM
Sunday, 12/4 2PM
Saturday, 12/10 2PM
Saturday, 12/10 7PM
Sunday, 12/11 2PM
Saturday, 12/17 2PM
Saturday, 12/17 7PM
Sunday, 12/18 2PM

$10-$15 General Admission

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