Talespinner Children's Theatre
Professional Youth Theatre

By: Nina Domingue Glover

Show Description:
Sundiata is destined to be king--a child born to a mother who had the spirit of the buffalo and whose father possessed the spirit of the Lion He was meant to bring peace throughout the land of Mali. But how can one become a great king, if everyone and everything seems to be set against you--even your own body? Will he gain the courage to create the life that lives in his dreams? Will he arise to become the great king? Find out in this musical, magical tale, as it unfolds…

Staff and Cast:

Director: Nina Domingue Glover & Nathan Lilly


Tickets and Press

June 10 - July 2


7pm Fridays
2pm and 7pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays

*Pay What You Can performances Sunday, June 11th; Friday, June 16th; Friday, June 23rd; & Friday, June 30th*

$10-$15 General Admission

(216) 264-9680

Reinberger Auditorium
5209 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

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