Talespinner Children's Theatre
Professional Youth Theatre

By: Toni K. Thayer

Show Description:
When the Lion sneezes, two cats are created; one seemingly good, and the other bad. The instant sibling rivalry between the two quickly comes to show that people are not always who we think they are. This magical, musical tale filled with mistaken identities and colorful characters, features folk traditions and tales of cats from different ancient lands.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Katelyn Cornelius

Lainne Davis, Tony Gadsden, Ben Merold, David Munnell, Asia Sharp-Berry, Maggie Stahl, Hannah Storch, Kim Woodworth
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July 19 - July 21

3pm Friday
3pm Saturday
3pm Sunday

$13-$18 General Admission

(216) 264-9680

Reinberger Auditorium
5209 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

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