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The People Vs. Friar Laurence

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Ron West and Phil Swann

Show Description:
People vs Friar Laurence is a hilarious musical comedy rendition starring the Friar of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence is behind bars and charged with the murder of the two young lovers. The twisted trial progresses into a Vaudeville-like mayhem in the race to determine the plot behind the ultimate blame for Romeo and Juliet’s demise at the feet of Friar Laurence. The fast-moving freight train of characters and non-stop Shakespearean spoof of adventure takes the audience on a musical journey of love, confusion and chaos.  The show, a smash hit for Chicago Shakespeare Theater, is the funniest mash up of Shakespeare, Gilbert & Sullivan, sketch comedy, and American theater you’ve ever seen.

Staff and Cast:


Friar Laurence and Nurse – Jay Hill
Gregory, Tybalt, Apothecary, and Mr. Webb- Adam Klusty
Lord Capulet – Nathan Hill
Romeo, One of Cordelia’s Sisters – Sean Fleming
Prince Escalus, Paris, God – Gary Maher
Lord Montague, Mercutio, Barny Fife, Abrahm, Anselm – Kirk Worcester

Benvolio, Serving Wench, Friar John, Rosaline, Executioner, Cordelia’s Sister – McCartney Betz
Juliet, Sampson, Assistant Apothecary, Cordelia – Shelby Carlisle
Balthazar, Lady Capulet, Paramour, Assistant Apothecary – Sally Morris

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April 29 - May 21


8pm Fridays
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2pm Sunday (May 15 Only)


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