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Music by Emmerich Kálmán, Original German Libretto by Rudolf Schanzer and Ernst Welisch, English Translation by Steven A. Daigle

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Hungarian-born Emmerich Kálmán is currently the most-performed operetta composer in the world.  With 12 of his shows under its belt, the Ohio Light Opera has played a significant role in showcasing his rarer works. The 2019 season brings yet another rarity, and a U.S. premiere: his 1932 operetta The Devil’s Rider. Its plotline, rooted in the political intrigue of 19th-century Austria, concerns the Hungarian riding master Sandór, who has fallen for the alluring daughter, Leontine, of his political opponent Prince Metternich. When Sandór presents the Empress with a petition outlining the sorrows of the Hungarian nation, she becomes totally smitten with him and agrees to a conciliatory visit to Hungary. The outraged Metternich tosses Sandór in prison … but there are still two acts to go! Replete with waltzes, marches, foxtrots, tangos, and a saxophone-infused, rhumba-rhythmed trio, the scintillating score is topped off by the famous “Grand Palotas de la Reine,” the most frenzied csárdás-driven dance you will ever see or hear!

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July 17 - August 8


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