My First Time

My First Time at the Beck is a Group Counseling Session You Won't Forget!

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Review by: Kevin Kelly

Do you remember your first time? Actually, there is a first time for everything, but when it comes to sex, I would prefer not to remember my first time. This question was definitely on the minds of many, and in 1998 a website was formed a decade before blogging began, that allowed people to anonymously share their own true stories about their First Times. The website became an instant phenomenon as over 40,000 stories poured in from around the globe that were silly, sweet, absurd, funny, heterosexual, homosexual, shy, sexy and everything in between. So as you can imagine a lot of these stories are quite, as my momma used to say, "something.'

 And now, these true stories and all of the unique characters in them are brought to life by four actors in this acclaimed 90-minute play from Ken Davenport, producer of Altar Boyz and creator of The Awesome 80s Prom. The four tour de force actors pictured below:

Left to Right Victoria Zajac, Miquel Osbourne, Chris Richards, and Heidi Harris     Photo Credit: Andy Dudik
When you first arrive in your seats, there is a survey to fill out. Optional of course, but it is fun to do it because it actually becomes part of the show. After the answers are taken back for "processing", the journey begins. Each actor both individually and collectively, tell the stories that have been posted on the site over the years. There are a lot of laughs, but also, a lot of uncomfortable moments when stories tap into what can go wrong, and not just from inexperience, but wrong in the worst way.

This play places high demands on the capabilities of its actors because it is a train that never stops. Once the play begins, there are no full breaks. The actors are challenged to keep the stories flowing without tapping into monotony. Switching emotional tracks, story tracks, and at times, sentences split between them word by word. It will be a personal choice whether you enjoy the stories and format, but there is no denying the talent, focus, and dexterity of these fabulous actors. I think if I were up there, at one point the rolling conversations would end up with me and I would just yell "Check, Please!" and gracefully exit, and end up face deep in a Sweet Moses mountain of coffee ice cream.

Director Scott Spence gets the pleasure of guiding these actors to play all range of emotions, as a result of the stories. An actors dream of social conductivity. And these lovely individuals kick this reality train far down the tracks.

P.S. For Antonio DeJesus fans, he will be going on this Sunday, the 22nd, so get out there and show your love!

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