The Adventures of Mr. Toad

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Show Description:
Based on the popular book, The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth
Grahame, this musical tells the story of a Mr. Toad and his animal friends who live a wonderful life in Toad Hall.

Mr. Toad has a passion for speed, driving, and mischief! His slower-paced friends Mole, Rat, and Badger are constantly trying to keep him out of mischief. Finally, after stealing a car, Mr. Toad is thrown into jail. In his absence, the evil weasels take over Toad Hall. Now it is up to Mr. Toad to escape from jail and save the day!

Staff and Cast:

Director: Tim Anderson
Musical Director: Tim Anderson

Adam Klusty, Toad
Maggie Majercik, Mole
Daniel Hunsicker, Rat
Gary Samarin, Badger
Lexi Frendak, Chief Weasel
Joy Fowler, Magistrate
Sharon Joyce, Clerk
Kevin Brennan, Policeman
Kylee Brubaker, Rosy
Michelle Misiak, Washerwoman

Children's Chorus:
Grace Auble
Delia Brennan
Kylee Brubaker
Gabby Dachtler
Lexi Frendak
Ava Hartmann
Rowan Hauer
Amanda Misiak

Tickets and Press

Friday 11/8 @ 7pm
Saturday 11/9 @ 3pm
Friday 11/15 @ 7pm
Saturday 11/16 @ 7pm
Sunday 11/17 @ 3pm
Friday 11/22 @ 7pm
Saturday 11/9 @ 3pm

$12-$13 General Admission

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