The Last Keeper

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Show Description:
Can a broken down Lake Erie native and a group of rag-tag AARP patriots save a historical lighthouse from being destroyed? This world premier commissioned play features an actual piece of Lorain County local history, the Lorain Lighthouse. Zack Briton reluctantly returns to his childhood home to help his family plan the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial celebration. When a family nemesis catches wind of a fortune in diamonds that are said to be hidden away in the lighthouse, he threatens to destroy the local monument unless they turn the diamonds over to him. It is up to Zack to lead his family, the local historical society, and an ex-flame to find the diamonds and save the lighthouse from certain destruction.

Staff and Cast:

Director: Tim Williams


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Sat, Nov 9 3:00p

Sat, Nov 9 6:30p

Sun, Nov 10 3:00p

Fri, Nov 15 6:30p

Sat, Nov 16 3:00p

Sat, Nov 16 6:30p


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