Fall Roundtable Series Play Readings

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Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Rachel Zake

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Show Description:

Touch follows nine people’s experiences from the onset of COVID-19 through the initial reopening of their city. Their tales, though seemingly disparate, are woven together as the show progresses. Set in Cleveland, Ohio, in Spring 2020, this one-act play is told through a series of vignettes.

Staff and Cast

Director: Greg Vovos

Sara Bogomolny – Dreama
Laurel Williamson – Marley
Harper Case – Suze
Kennetha Martin – Chanel
Ursula Freundlich – Margot
Chris Ross – Chase
Neda Spears – Lois
Madison Ellis – Emily
Dionne Atchison – Nurse
Greg Vovos – Stage Directions


7pm Thursday (Zoom session begins 15m before showtime)



(216) 302-8856

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Online event.
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