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Simply put, the Cleveland Stage Alliance was created as a matter of convenience.  In 2013, I realized that I had a bunch of friends in the theatre community, and I was having trouble keeping track of what shows they were in, and when their shows ran.  I began compiling and posting lists to Facebook of every show that I knew that was running that weekend.  People would keep adding shows to my posts, and I realized just how vast the theatre community is in Northeast Ohio.

Why hadn't I known about all these venues?  Some of them were close to my house, and I had friends involved with productions there, yet I had never heard of them?  It was then that I decided to set out and do something bigger.  I decided to create the first comprehensive resource that listed ALL of the locally-produced theatre in Northeast Ohio.  The site first went live in October of 2013, and has been constantly and consistently updated ever since then.  (Including preparing site updates while out of the country, while on vacation, and from a hospital bed during chemotherapy treatments.)

At some point in the near future, the Classic Google Sites platform (and every site made in original incarnation) will be struck from the internet.  This would mean that Cleveland Stage Alliance site would be no more.  So at the beginning of my furloughed quarantine in 2020, I decided that now was a good a time as ever to completely rebuild the site from the ground up (with improvements) on Google's new site-building platform.

The new site, which continues to be maintained weekly, still lists over 100 local theatres, and has listed over 3400 productions since 2013.  With this rebuild, many improvements have been made to create a more mobile friendly and information rich browsing experience.  Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you enjoy the community that we have all built- together.

Eric Fancher
(May 2023)

Our Volunteer Staff

Eric Fancher


Whitney Miller

Resident Theatre Critic

Kevin Kelly

Resident Theatre Critic
(2013 - 2022)

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Do you want to support us financially, but don't know how much to donate?

For individuals: $20 per year ($1.67/month)
For organizations: The price of one ticket to each of your shows listed by the Cleveland Stage Alliance. (For example: $15 per ticket, listed 4 shows = $60 per year)

There are many ways to support our mission:

If you would like to be a financial supporter of Cleveland Stage Alliance, you can make a contribution two ways:

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Mark and Linda Little (The Dover Players)

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Curt Arnold
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Mark and Bill Corcoran (Theatre in the Circle)
Celeste Cosentino (Ensemble Theatre)
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Mark and Linda Little (The Dover Players)
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*Disclaimer: The CSA is NOT a non-profit organization, contributions are given and received as a sign of goodwill.