Virtual Reading

Avenue Arts Theatre

Canton, OH
Community Theatre

By: Eric Mansfield

Thursday November 19th, 2020

Show Description:

A busy midwest high school is thrown into chaos when a shot rings out in the hallway. Ducking for cover, a guidance counselor, history teacher, PTA president, senior class officer and football coach hide together in the counselor's office. After a gun is found hidden in the office, the group wonders if the real shooter is among them. Will police arrive in time to make a difference? And if the group survives, how will this experience facing both death and their violent pasts change their futures?

Staff and Cast


Ruth Carey - Cheryl Foutz
Benji Bragg - Joe Soriano
Jane Thompson - Alison Foutz
Hope Pfieffer - Racquel Dillard
Brenda Simms - Katie Wells
Simon Sanders - Keenan Carosielli
Loud Speaker Voice - Aden Graves


8pm Thursday


Free, streamed on Facebook Live

(234) 410-3475

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


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