Variations on a Theme

Virtual Reading

Avenue Arts Theatre

Canton, OH
Community Theatre

By: James Caputo

Thursday August 27th, 2020

Show Description:

Variations of the power of love. Each begins with a meeting of two people at a challenging time of their life. From the affluent to the indigent, they meet in restaurants, back alleys and funeral parlors. And as in life, each couple has their own story to tell. Two middle-aged people connect despite technology. Two intergenerational women connect to transit a rite of passage. A marriage strains its weathered connections. A homeless couple are connected by the stars and a love of literature.

Staff and Cast


Woman - Cheryl Foutz
Man - Patrick Downing
Mary/Eloise - Denise Young-Robb
Amy - Emily Weiss
Allan - Keenan Carosielli
Ruth - Rhonda Brode
Server - Aden Graves
Alfred - Mark Dillard


8pm Thursday


Free, streamed on Facebook Live

(234) 410-3475

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


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