The Canterbury Tales Or...Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus

Beck Center for the Arts

Lakewood, OH
Youth Theatre

By: Burton Baumgarner

November 3 - November 6, 2022

Show Description:

See The Canterbury Tales told with a Monty Python flair! Many believe that Chaucer’s literary masterpiece revolutionized English literature. You’ll meet many of the pilgrims who tell his tales, including the Wife of Bath who has cleaned up her act for this adaptation and is now selling self-help DVDs. The parson, the pardoner, and friar join in for the fun as well telling their tales. The Miller makes an appearance too, though nobody wants to hear anything he has to say! This production takes challenging literature and tosses in a good helping of humor to create a silly yet educational comedy.

Staff and Cast

Director: Russel Stich



10am Thursday (11/3 only, student matinee)
7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays


$12 - $14

(216) 521-2540 x10

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