Lies About Love

Blank Canvas Theatre

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Fatima Matar

June 9 - June 10, 2023

Show Description:

In a moving performance Fatima Matar gives a poignant rendition of her own poetry, and that of other poets she admires. Lies About Love is a unique intwining of poetry, music, images, and dance to create an emotionally charged and transcending performance, bringing themes of love, loss, motherhood, and the human struggle to life.

Fatima’s poetic performance has been described as inspiring, heartrending, and spellbinding.

Staff and Cast




8pm Friday
8pm Saturday



(440) 941-0458

Health and Safety Guidelines

Vaccinations are not required, and masks are optional for all audience members.

Content Advisories

There are no content advisories listed for this production.


Blank Canvas Theatre
1305 West 80th Street, Suite 211
Cleveland, OH 44102