Night of the Living Theatre

A LIVE Multimedia, Drive-in Theatre Experience

Blank Canvas Theatre

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

October 30 - November 7, 2020

Show Description:

After the success of last months show, Blank Canvas Theatre is once again bringing theatre back from the dead! The safety of both our audience and actors has been and will always be our number one priority, so we invite you to join us for a no-contact, socially responsible, multimedia performance in the 78th Street Studios parking lot. Our show will include actors dressed as iconic horror characters singing some of your favorite theatre and pop songs. These songs now take on a different meaning sung by your favorite serial killer or blood sucking vampire. This drive-in show will feature a full live band, some of your favorite BCT performers, and the lighting and projection design that you have come to love. As well as our friends at NINJA CITY selling food and drinks in the parking lot! What better way to get into the Halloween spirit? Last months show sold out fast. So get your tickets, drive in, experience something new, and help support LIVE theatre!

Staff and Cast

Director: Patrick Ciamacco
Musical Director:
Matt Dolan

Brian Altman as Dracula
Leslie Andrews as Morticia
Ian Atwood as Jason
Jessica Atwood as Kitty
Amiee Collier as Bride of Frankenstein
Scott Esposito as Pennywise
Neely Gevaart as Carrie
Trey Gilpin as The Mummy
Katie Gucik as Samara
Zach Palumbo as Chucky


8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays


$40 per car

(440) 941-0458

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Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.

Coronavirus Precautions

For the Audience:
All audience members will remain in their cars during the performance. In addition to the speakers in our parking lot, the audio for our show will be transmitted directly to your vehicle’s radio. The show will be a one-act concert, allowing you to arrive and leave without ever exiting your car. We'll even be sending you a playbill digitally, as well as a special ticket to put in your windshield. This ensures that you don’t have to come into direct contact with any of our staff during your visit. While the restroom facilities in the building will be available, please note that if you choose to use the restroom, you do so at your own risk and must wear a mask.

For the Actors/Musicians/Staff:
We have spent several weeks designing a way for our actors and musicians to remain safe. Blank Canvas Theatre is lucky to have partnered with The 78th Street Studios, who have given us permission to use their large SmartSpace venue on the first floor of the building. This will allow us to position all musicians and singers even farther apart than the recommended six feet. Each performer will be on a "personal stage" that will be sanitized and only used by that person. Plastic barriers will be separating the performers’ stages from one another. Along with tracking temperature and wellness checks every day for our artists, we are following all CDC recommendations and all performers will be wearing masks when not on their personal stages.


78th Street Studios Parking Lot
1305 West 80th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102