Of Mice and Men

Blank Canvas Theatre

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: John Steinbeck

May 5 - May 20, 2023

Show Description:

Hope slams headlong into a wall of tragic bad luck in this tale of migrant workers in Depression-era California. A seemingly impossible American Dream fuels sadness, yet the depth of tragedy is balanced by joy and friendship, hope and aspiration. In George and Lenny, we have one of literature’s most memorable friendships. As relevant now as it ever was, Steinbeck’s play follows his novel closely. An intimate portrait of two men facing a world marked by petty tyranny, misunderstanding, jealousy, and callousness, Of Mice and Men explores questions of strength, weakness, usefulness, reality and utopia in Depression-Era California.

Staff and Cast

Director: Patrick Ciamacco

Patrick Ciamacco (Lennie)
Jeff Glover (Carlson Undertsudy on 5/20)
Noah Hrbek (Curley)
Joe Kenderes (George)
Dave Moody (Crooks)
Andrew Narten (Candy)
Zach Palumbo (Whit)
John J. Polk (The Boss)
Mikaela Ray (Curley’s Wife)
Luke Scattergood (Carlson)
Daniel Telford (Slim)
Hannah Woodside (Curley’s Wife Understudy)
Loopy (Candy’s Dog)


8pm Thursdays
8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
7pm Sundays

Runtime 2h 20m



(440) 941-0458

Health and Safety Guidelines

Vaccinations are not required, and masks are optional for all audience members.

Content Advisories


WARNING: There are some disturbing words that the playwright (John Steinbeck) included which was reflective of the vernacular used during the period of the The Great Depression (1929–1939).

ADDITIONAL TRIGGER & CONTENT WARNING: This play contains the following; racism, ableism, misogyny, murder, gun violence, and animal death.


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