Monster in the Closet

Broadview Heights Spotlights

Broadview Heights, OH
Youth Theatre

By: Angela D. Stewart

October 8 - October 16, 2022

Show Description:

Emily has a big problem. Not only is she sent to bed just as she reaches the highest level of her new video game, but there’s a monster in her closet! It’s not just her imagination. Her friend Stephanie saw it, too. Suffering the teasing of her brother and his friends, Emily and Stephanie recruit some of their own friends to help capture the monster. What they don’t know is that Murray, the closet monster, doesn’t mean any harm — he only wants to play Emily’s new video game. He’s too scared of kids to even think about trying to frighten them. Murray’s boss, the Dream King, has heard about his goofing off on the job, and now Murray is on probation.

Murray’s supervisor, fellow monster Wanda, is not happy with him either. After all, every monster knows that when a child is born, a monster is assigned to watch over her — not to play with her toys and especially not to get caught in the act! What will happen when Emily has all her friends over for a sleepover to try to capture Murray? Even with Emily’s friend Brain’s careful analysis and planning, the girls wind up trapping the Dream King and his secretary, Toady, instead of Murray.

Staff and Cast

Directors: Brenton Cochran & Kayleigh Joyce

Julia Ziel, Emily
Car Reitz, Tom
Lisa Mortensen, Mom
Sophia Walp, Stephanie
Alexis Curtin, Brain
Elise Miller, Megan
Lillian Kasik, Tara
Avery Pyo, Kelly
Maya Poucki, Mary
Raegan Kazy, Chris
Kaz Chaplain, Shelby
Jake Thomas, Murray
Julie Onderak, Wanda
Mark Hilan, Dream King
Greg Moore, Toady
Fox Lugo, Sandman / Nathan
Charly Carmichael, Robin
Bella Mortensen, Jamie


2pm and 6pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays

Health and Safety Guidelines

At this time, masks for audience members are strongly encouraged.

The Spotlights Theater reserves the right to change this policy at any time based on local conditions, for the safety of the cast and audience. Please know that audience members may be required to wear masks. No refunds will be issued. Please plan accordingly. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to inform all reservation members of this policy.

Content Advisories

There are no content advisories for this production.


Cultural Arts Building
9543 Broadview Road
Broadview Heights, OH 44147