Parma Heights, OH
Community Theatre

By: Mary Chase

February 4 - February 13, 2022

Show Description:

Remember when Jimmy Stewart thought he had a giant rabbit for a not-so-imaginary friend? So do we! Harvey is the story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey -- a 'pooka', who is a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit. When Elwood begins introducing Harvey around town, his embarrassed sister, Veta Louise, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae, determine to commit Elwood to a sanitarium. A story of loving your family and acceptance, this classic comedic drama was made into the film of the same name, starring the magnificent Jimmy Stewart. Perfect to bring your family and friends (imaginary or otherwise)!

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8pm Thursday (2/3 only)
8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
3pm Sundays


$14 - $15

(440) 842-4600

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Content Advisories

There are no content advisories for this production.

Coronavirus Precautions

All audience members are required to wear masks while inside the building and throughout the performance. DISPOSABLE MASKS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE BOX OFFICE IF NEEDED.


Cassidy Theatre
6200 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH 44130