The Canvas

Winter Roundtable Series Play Readings

Playwrights Local

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Justin Lazor

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Show Description:

The Canvas is an examination of what we mean by “art” and a journey toward and across the thin line that separates art from violence.  A scholarship student at an elite art school, Deborah finds it hard to fit in amongst her pretentious classmates, Gabriel and Michelle, who ostracize her for both her socioeconomic difference as well as her ideas about what constitutes art.  When their flamboyant teacher, Professor Poisson, unveils his latest masterpiece, a completely blank canvas, Michelle and Gabriel fawn over his genius, but Deborah feels compelled to call “bullshit” and point out the fact that the emperor has no clothes. This sets into motion a heated battle of wits between teacher and student, which ultimately culminates in Deborah creating a shocking work of art that none of the others will ever forget.

Staff and Cast

Director: Melissa Crum

Peter E. Toomey - Professor Poisson
Ariana Starkman - Deborah
Hannah Storch - Michelle
Eric Golovan - Gabriel


7pm Thursday (Zoom session begins 15m before showtime)



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