The Curve of your Spine is my Home

Fall Roundtable Series Play Readings

Playwrights Local

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Olivia Billings

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Show Description:

Three friends combat religion, fierce love, and mundane grief when they reunite in their small town for Jezebel’s funeral. The Curve of your Spine is my Home uncovers the mysteries of magic in Christianity, what it means to be a faithful and Queer, and the coincidences that scare us more than any horror movie or rollercoaster. Maybe if we want something to be true hard enough, it will be. 

Staff and Cast

Director: Erik Andrews

Paige Cummings – Balaam
Jonathan Gruin – Gomer
Emmy Cohen – Habakkuk
Marc Hilan – Stage Directions


7pm Thursday (Zoom session begins 15m before showtime)



(216) 302-8856

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