Shadow of the Run

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

Story by Beth McGee
Additional story elements by Christine Woods and Carol Dolan

June 25 - July 11, 2021

Show Description:

Dreams. Visions. Prophesies. Nightmares.  Chloe can no longer tell the difference when reality collides with her dream world. Only the DreamWalkers can forge a path through this immersive journey of grim ancestries and unsettling futures. Can we outgrow the sins of our ancestors, or are we stuck in the trap of everlasting nightmares? Help Chloe untangle the vivid and strange plotlines of her subconscious. But be careful; in exposing these secrets you may risk life and limb and stay forever lost in Chloe’s slumber.

Staff and Cast

Director: Dan Hendrock 




Start Times Every 15 Minutes from 6:30pm until 9:30pm.  Reserve tickets below. There are 12 performance times per evening, with 10 tickets available per time slot. 

Runtime: 60m, no intermission

Content Advisories

This event is unfortunately unable to accommodate wheelchair access needs and involves a moderate amount of walking and climbing of stairs.

Ages 16 and up - but 13 through 15 are welcome if accompanied by a ticketed adult.

Due to the interactive nature of this performance, all guests will be required to sign a liability waiver at the box office. This waiver is available on our website for your review prior to checking out.


50 S Park Ave.
Bedford, OH 44146