The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular

Curtain 440

Chardon, OH
Community Theatre

By: Bo Wilson

December 10 - December 12, 2021

Show Description:

Christmas, 1977, is only three weeks away, and the ladies of the Charitable Sisterhood are preparing for Second Trinity Church's annual Christmas Spectacular - but they're having trouble staying focused on their preparations because someone has stolen the baby Jesus figure from his place in Second Trinity's nativity scene. Bea Littleton is certain that the culprit is her longtime rival from First Salvation (a place of extremely strict beliefs just up the road). By show time, they are starting to think she knows exactly who is guilty of what - but the truth can't be revealed until the end of the Spectacular. The sisterhood performs sacred songs and satirical skits (after all, where else does Santa meet the Wise Men at the manger?). The fun never lets up!

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7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays


$10 - $12 per person

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