Laws of Affection

Cuyahoga Community college (Metro Campus)

Cleveland, OH

By: Greg Vovos

April 28 - May 1, 2022

Show Description:

LAWS OF AFFECTION is an evening of six short comedic plays written and directed by Greg Vovos, featuring an ensemble of six talented actors. These funny plays take a snapshot peek into life today, celebrating the many ways we reach each other as humans and the difference we can make in each other’s lives -- whether we’re family, friends, or complete strangers. From the realistic to the comedic to the dramatic to the absurd, LAWS OF AFFECTION has something for everyone. Might there also be dinosaurs, aliens, ghosts, or glitter monsters? There just might be. Life is funny that way. And theatre is life.

Staff and Cast

Director: Greg Vovos

Jackson Coughlin and Zachary Tyrone Reed
, Brian Douglas, Jillian Mesaros, David L. Munnell and Abegail Zee


7:30pm Thursday
7:30pm Friday
7:30pm Saturday
2pm Sunday


Free, non-ticketed event

(216) 987-4211

Health and Safety Guidelines

Masks are required for all audience members.

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


John P. Murphy Foundation Theatre, Metropolitan Campus Theatre Arts Bldg. MTA 100 2900 Community College Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115