How To Be a Respectable Junkie

The Film Experience

Dobama Theatre

Cleveland Heights, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Greg Vovos

Released August 29, 2021

Show Description:

A heroin addict in his thirties decides he’s going to take his life so he no longer has to destroy the lives of those around him. But before doing so, he decides to make a video for heroin users everywhere instructing them on how to be respectable junkies, because even he has grown weary of their behavior. HOW TO BE A RESPECTABLE JUNKIE takes an in-depth look into the troubled soul of a man caught in heroin’s deadly grip. Based on real-life events, JUNKIE is at once eye-opening, heartbreaking, full of humor, and ultimately hopeful.

Staff and Cast

Director: Brian Devers

Christopher Bohan
Anne McEvoy


Released at 3pm Sunday, Streaming on YouTube

Content Advisories

Depiction of Drug Use, Adult Language, Suicidal Language


The film is viewable for free on YouTube

Official Trailer