Freedom on Juneteenth

Karamu House

Cleveland, OH (East Side)
Professional Theatre

Friday, June 19th, 2020
Rebroadcast June 29 and July 5

Show Description:

On Juneteenth, Friday, June 19, 2020, the commemoration of the ending of slavery in the U.S., Karamu House will debut “Freedom on Juneteenth,” a program to feature musicians and vocalists, spoken word artists, and dancers, as they too, respond to the recent murders of Black Americans through their respective art forms. The program will also include live dialogue and conversation, with accessible resources in order to create change within our communities.

The “Freedom on Juneteenth” program is designed to celebrate, educate, heal and activate our communities. Audiences will be invited and encouraged to utilize the shared resources and to transform anger, disgust and frustration into decisive ballot responses in November, especially within local elections. Karamu House seeks to help educate all people on the political process and remind America that lawmakers serve at the pleasure of the people.

Staff and Cast

Director: Tony F. Sias



7pm Friday, June 19th
8pm Monday, June 29th
3pm Sunday, July 5


Free, livestreamed

(216) 795-7070

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