The Thanksgiving Play

Kent State University Trumbull

Warren, OH
College Theatre

Written by: Larissa FastHorse

November 12 - November 21, 2021

Show Description:

A one-act satirical comedy about four white people trying to devise a politically correct First Thanksgivingplay for Native American Heritage Month to be done in the schools. The director, Logan, hires a Native American actor to be their cultural compass. As Logan, Jaxton, andCaden defer to her for guidance, it is revealed that she is white and only plays Native American when sheisn’t playing other ethnicities. Without the Native voice, these four white people now have to find their waythrough a crazy thicket of privilege , historical accuracy, and school district rules.

Staff and Cast

Director: Eric S. Kildow



7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays


$6 - $10

(330) 675-8887

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Library/Theatre Building
4314 Mahoning Ave NW
Warren, OH 44483