Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: JC Pankratz

April 7 - April 8, 2023

Show Description:

Seahorse follows a trans man named Reuben, who is continuing his attempts to conceive a child after the death of his husband. In processing his grief and hope, he turns his insemination endeavors into moments of self-recognition by donning different costumes and personas for each try. Juliet, Zeus, and St. Francis all make appearances. Instead of a funerary parade, this play seeks the purpose of life for the living, for the dead, and for the not-yet-arrived. Surrounding Reuben is an ensemble of actors who provide live audio description of the onstage action. Inspired by disability aesthetics, the production approaches accessibility not as simply accommodation but as a rich opportunity for creative exploration: What layers of meaning come out when the audio description becomes a character (or three) in and of itself? How might different voices describing the action add nuance to the story and deepen our exploration of queer-trans embodiment and narrative?

Staff and Cast

Directed by: Nicolas Shannon Savard

Reuben - Emmett Podgorski
Ensemble - Justin Miller, Samantha Cocco, and Minor Stokes


7pm Friday
7pm Saturday

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Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
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