The Isolation Project

Near West Theatre

Cleveland, OH (Gordon Square)
Community Theatre

By: Near West Theatre Rise Participants

October 10 - October 18, 2020

Show Description:

An original writing and performance project for youth, by youth, exploring the impact of coronavirus and Black Lives Matter in their lives. The program offered a unique opportunity to unite our youth participants from across our past programming and shows to share their stories, their hopes, and their experiences. Together, they developed this piece.

Participants worked with local teaching artists to create original scripts and music in hopes to connect, support, and inspire one another and our community. The final project culminates in October for a STREAMED performance that is NWT's Fall Youth Production.

Staff and Cast


Zain Abbas
Cora Barcelona
Gia Barnes
Kyla Burks
Hannah Duncan
Zyaire Gale
Blessing Gee
Maura Gillis
Allison Gorman
Breeana Hehnen
Selina Hokello
Sophie Hull
Marie Hunt
Jackson Kenny
Nia Lugo
Gabrielle Lykes
Taylor Lykes
Avalon Bayley
Margaretta Milgram
Russ Miller
Josh Mink
Amaya Moore
Olivia Moore
Isabel Muzzy
Sophie O'Leary
Elena Rodenborn
Haylee Scaggs
Mather Taseff
Alison Tome
Tabitha Tome
Genevieve Vancisin
Landon Vincel
Jacob Yankow
Julia Ziel


7:30pm Friday (10/16 only)
7:30pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays


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(216) 961-6391

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