The Reconstruction Project

Near West Theatre

Cleveland, OH (Gordon Square)
Youth Theatre

By: Near West Theatre Rise Participants

September 11 - September 19, 2021

Show Description:

Today's actions can change tomorrow's future. What do you choose to do today for your tomorrow?

Through the lens of the next generation, Rise: The Reconstruction Project is a devised piece that highlights the unshakeable truth that history is repeating itself, and how some of life's societal matters can only change when people acknowledge and root out the problem. America is not equal, stable, nor free, not yet. It is under construction until further notice.

Staff and Cast


Evangelina Calderon
Jayla Carter
Xavier Kirk
Megan Kless
Deshay Lloyd
Penelope Markowitz
Violet Markowitz
Christopher Moore
Amaya Moore
Olivia Moore
Charlie Morrison
Frankie Morrison
Vivi Morrison
Josephine O'Leary
Sophie O'Leary
Kai Pennington
Avery Pyo
Meredith Richardson
Jada Sikora
Yamini Sridhar
Serenity Walker
Ronald Watkins
Lydia Whitehouse
Julia Ziel


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