Fires in the Mirror

Oberlin College Theater

Oberlin, OH
College Theatre

By: Anna Deavere Smith

April 2 - April 4, 2021

Show Description:

Directed by Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater Jason Dorwart, the Oberlin Theater Department is proud to present Fires in the Mirror, produced as a film. In this verbatim theater piece, Anna Deavere Smith explores the aftermath of the Crown Heights riot that occurred in Brooklyn in August 1991.

Using a series of reconstructed interviews with Black and Jewish people, the piece presents differing opinions and points of view surrounding the events and issues of the crisis. The play consists of 29 monologues from 26 different people trying to understand community, identity, unity, and anger in the midst of social unrest. Fires in the Mirror gives a unique perspective on histories of racial prejudice and, in the time of Black Lives Matter, the play is a damning reminder of how deeply divided this nation remains.

Staff and Cast

Director: Jason Dorwart



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