Shayna Punim

Oberlin College Theater

Oberlin, OH
College Theatre

By: Clara Zucker

April 21 - April 24, 2022

Show Description:

Shayna Punim is a story about growing, changing, and discovering who you are after the death of a loved one. It encompases Jewish tradition and ritual around death and the human urge to hold onto the ones we love after they have passed away. When Ava’s grandma, who she refers to as ‘Nonnie’ passes away suddenly, Ava must reconcile the fact that she is still finding herself, with the reality that Nonnie will only ever know a past, false version of who her granddaughter was. Shayna Punim takes place the hour before Nonnie’s shiva begins. When Hannah, Ava’s girlfriend, shows up to the shiva early, Ava is confronted with the difficulties of coming out to her family, and entering a new chapter of life when one so dear to her has closed. As Ava grapples with her identity and her loss, she begins to resent the people who love her for who she truly is. The characters in Shayna Punim are struggling to be accepted, and in doing so must overcome their doubts about themselves and each other.

Staff and Cast

Director: Clara Zucker



8pm Thursday
8pm Friday
2pm and
8pm Saturday
8pm Sunday

Health and Safety Guidelines

The College is requiring that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear a mask indoors.

Content Advisories

No content advisories for this production.


The Kander Theater
56 Willard Ct.
Oberlin, OH, 44074