The Misanthrope

An Audio Play

Oberlin College Theater

Oberlin, OH
College Theatre

By: Neil Bartlett

November 20 - November 22, 2020

Show Description:

Directed by Associate Professor of Theater Chris Flaharty, the Oberlin Theater Department is proud to present our Fall MainStage, The Misanthrope, as an audio play. In this sharp social satire by the inimitable French actor-writer Molière, Alceste is disgusted by the vanity and hypocrisy of society—so he vows to be completely honest no matter the cost. Ironically, he loves the beautiful, young Célimène, whose sharp tongue and manipulative socializing make her the embodiment of the very person he professes to detest. Can love stand up to truth? The Misanthrope provides both relief from 21st-century anxiety and timeless insights into the foolish heart of the human creature.

Staff and Cast

Director: Chris Flaherty



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