Twelfth Night

Chagrin Arts

Solon, OH
Community Theatre

By: William Shakespeare
Adapted by: Alison Carey

September 4 and 6, 2020

Show Description:

Original Film Production Premiere
Talented NEO Actors, 17' LED Screen

Bring Lawn Chairs or Blankets

Socially-Distanced Circles

Masks Required

Twins, Viola and Sebastian, are shipwrecked by a storm each thinking the other to have drowned beneath the waves. Now in Illyria, Viola takes on the visage of a young man calling herself Cesario to protect herself and gain employment from the local Duke, Orsino. Viola’s life becomes filled with the yearnings of the Duke towards one, Lady Olivia, and the lady’s numerous rejections. Viola falls for Orsino, he pines after Olivia, and Olivia falls for Viola’s disguise, Cesario. Things grow even more complicated for this lovestruck trio when Sebastian, Viola’s twin, finds himself in Illyria. These escapades are punctuated by the pranks and revelry of Lady Olivia’s Aunt, Dame Toby Belch. Toby, along with Sir Andrew Aguecheek (her new drinking buddy), Maria (Olivia’s maid), and Feste (the musical fool), set out to seek revenge on the prudish butler, Malvolio. These lives crash together with laughter, songs, swords, and sighs. This modern translation of Twelfth Night captures all of this and brings the story to you ready to be enjoyed anew for those familiar with the Bard’s original text and for the first time viewer alike.

Staff and Cast

Director: Tyler Collins and Delany Kathryn Davis Hagy

Eugene Sumlin: Malvolio, Valentine
Luke Brett: Orsino, Andrew Aguecheek, Officer 2
Carrie Williams: Maria, Capitain, Antonio
Chennelle Bryant-Harris: Oliva, Officer 1
Danyel Geddie: Viola
Lisa Langford: Toby Beltch, Priest
Trevor Buda: Feste, Servant 1
Andrew Pope: Sebastian, Curio


7pm Friday
7pm Sunday

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.

Coronavirus Precautions

- Outdoors

- Socially-Distanced Circles

- Masks Required


Solon Community Park
6679 SOM Center Road
Solon, OH 44139