Heartbreakers in Hell

Rubber City Theatre

Akron, OH
Professional Theatre

Music by: Joey Contreras
Book and Lyrics by: Benjamin Halstead

October 1 - October 16, 2021

Show Description:

There are exactly nine ways to break a heart, and there’s a special place in Hell for each type of heartbreaker. This adaptation of “Dante's Inferno” explores what happens to the souls who commit each sin of Love. Follow Dante as he journeys deeper and deeper into the fiery depths, encountering the sinners, monsters, and punishments within each circle of Hell. Plato is trapped in Limbo, Cerberus tortures the gluttons, Medusa guards the circle of Heresy, and Satan wreaks havoc in the nethermost circle, Treachery. Each circle is another one of Dante's disastrous relationships, but perhaps the path to Paradise begins in Hell.

Staff and Cast

Director: Dane CT Leasure
Musical Director:
Anthony Trifiletti

Dante - Mateus Cardoso
Lucifer - Jailyn Sherell Harris
Glutton/Sky/Geryon (D)/Stonez - Matt Gittins
Helen/Phlegathon/Cerberus (C) - Chrissy Margevicius
Virgil/Cerberus (A) - Michael Burke
Paris/Geyron (B)/Styx/Young Hopeful - Henri Sudy
Liz Plato/Medusa/Geyron (A) - Nina Takács
Nate Summers


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
:30pm Sundays


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Content Advisories

This Production discusses topics and situations that some viewers may find uncomfortable. Please email tickets@rubbercitytheatre.com for more information.


Rubber City Theatre
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