Bach at Leipzig

Seat of the PAnts Productions

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Itamar Moses

March 22 - April 7, 2024

Show Description:

Germany, 1722. Leipzig's revered organist dies suddenly. Who will replace him and how far will they go to win? Farcical antics ensue.

Leipzig, Germany — 1722. Johann Kuhnau, revered organist of the Thomaskirche, suddenly dies, leaving his post vacant. The town council invites musicians from across the country to audition for the coveted position, among them young Johann Sebastian Bach. In an age where musicians depend on patronage to pursue their craft, the post is a near guarantee of fame and fortune — which is why the 7 candidates are willing to resort to any lengths to secure it. Half AIRPLANE! and half AMADEUS, BACH AT LEIPZIG is a fugue-like farcical web of bribery, blackmail, and betrayal set against the backdrop of questions about humanity, God, and art.

Staff and Cast

Director: Craig Joseph

Carolyn Demanelis
Scott Esposito
Heidi Harris
Molly McFadden
Luke Wehner
Kadijah Wingo


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays (Added 2:30pm matinee on 4/6)
2:30pm Sundays (No performance 3/31)


$20 - $32

(847) 456-2030

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Health and Safety Guidelines

There are no health and safety guidelines listed for this production.

Content Advisories

Sexual innuendo and comic violence.


Franklin Circle Christian Church
1688 Fulton Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44113