Trouble in Mind

Seat of the PAnts Productions

Cleveland, OH
Professional Theatre

By: Alice Childress

November 3 - November 19, 2023

Show Description:

Set during rehearsals for a major Broadway production, TROUBLE IN MIND illuminates the inner life of a Black actress struggling with her career. As Wiletta grapples with how she's treated, the role she's being asked to play, and what the production says (or doesn't) about race in America, her growing discomfort sets off a chain of events that reveal fissures within the acting company — and bring her into conflict with her director. Who will prevail? Find out as Seat of the Pants presents Alice Childress' 1955 play which didn't premiere on Broadway until 2021: a funny, satirical, moving, and heartbreaking look at racism, identity, and ego in the high stakes world of New York theatre.

Staff and Cast

Director: Jeannine Gaskin

Elizabeth Domer
Andrew Knode
Madison Ledyard-King
Michael Montanus
Zyrece Montgomery
Tom Stephan
Nicole Sumlin
Darryl Tatum
Tom Woodward


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays


$20 - $32

(847) 456-2030

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Health and Safety Guidelines

There are no health and safety guidelines listed for this production.

Content Advisories

Mild profanity, racist remarks and language, descriptions of racial violence


LatinUs Black Box Theater
@The Pivot Center
2937 W 25 Street
Cleveland, OH 44113