Matt's First (Real) Wedding

Stow Players

Stow, OH
Community Theatre

By: Brandi Eaton

March 10 - March 25, 2023

Show Description:

Matt and Jason are ready to get married - but with their zany family members around, is it even going to be possible? Follow Matt and Jason through their wedding day to see how many secrets and surprises are in store.

Staff and Cast

Director: Alex Nine

Lukas Roberts as Matt Quinn
Jay Sigler as Jason Myles
Mykaela Euton as Becky Quinn
Jennifer Matas as Violet Murray
Tom Stephan as Calvin Quinn
Jenny Barrett as Elaine Quinn
Kaycee Craig as Dahlia Madison
William Noussias as Deke Jordan
Greg Bealer as Elliot Daniels
Genevieve Adelman as Lillian Myles
Stephen Benjamin as Peter Myles
Debbie Lang as Ivy Jensen
Adrienne Wise as Amy Porter
Patrick Michael Dukeman as Noel Reese


7:30pm Fridays
7:30pm Saturdays
2:30pm Sundays


$12 - $16

(330) 655-6051

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Health and Safety Guidelines

This production has no Health and Safety Guidelines listed.

Content Advisories

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Heritage Barn
5238 Young Road
Stow, Ohio 44224