The Kid from Kittlerumpit

A Scottish Folktale

Talespinner Children's Theatre

Cleveland, OH (Gordon Square)
Professional Theatre

By: Erin E. Dolan

June 10 - July 3, 2021

Show Description:

Set on Scotland’s Shetland Islands, MacKenzie MacKinnon MacIntosh (Mack for short) is a kid with a big name and an even bigger problem! Roaming the shores of Mack’s hometown, Kittlerumpit, is a mysterious creature named Whuppity Stoorie, who is turning parents into farm animals. With the assistance of a couple of helpful magical creatures, Mack sets off on an adventurous journey to save both his farm and family.

Staff and Cast




7pm Thursday, June 10th at Dudley Triangle
10:30am Saturday, June 12th at Wade Oval
2pm Sunday, June 13th at Franklin Reading Garden
10:30am Saturday, June 19th at Wade Oval
1:30am Saturday, June 26th at Wade Oval
10:30am Saturday,
July 3rd at Wade Oval



Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Dudley Triangle
2082 W 73rd St
Cleveland, OH 44102

Franklin Reading Garden
6501 Franklin Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44102

Wade Oval
10820 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44106