The Mock MArriage

The Ohio Light Opera

Wooster, OH
Professional Theatre

Music by Franz Lehár
Original German Libretto by Julius Bauer
English Lyrics by Gregg Opelka
English Dialogue by Steven A. Daigle

July 14 - July 28, 2022

Show Description:

WHAM! When the recently widowed Selma, daughter of American billionaire Thomas Brockwiller, swears off men forever and, with her girlfriends, forms an organization, Woman Hate All Men!, she little realizes what she’s in for. Her father wants her to marry race car driver Harold, son of a business acquaintance. But Harold’s sister, Juliane, who was once engaged to a man who left her for Selma, wants revenge. Under the false name Miss Grant, Juliane joins WHAM! and informs Selma that Harold’s sister has been known to dress up as a man and impersonate her brother. Selma, seeking a little fun with her WHAM! friends, decides to receive Harold—believing him to be Juliane. She goes so far as to invite him to kiss her in public. Her scheming father, feigning shock at this display, declares that this better be an engagement kiss. Selma, still reveling in the folly of the whole affair, agrees and Harold and Selma become man and wife. But when Juliane appears and Harold addresses her as “sister,” Selma goes ballistic. Lehár’s music for this remarkable female empowerment show bubbles with the same playfulness and sensuality that characterized his Merry Widow of just a year later.

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