Concord Floral

The University of Akron

Akron, OH
College Theatre

By: Jordan Tannahill

October 21 - October 24, 2021

Show Description:

"Concord Floral" is a one-million-square-foot abandoned greenhouse, and a refuge for neighborhood teens; a place all to themselves where they can throw parties, experiment, dream, and come of age. But hidden there is a secret no one wants to confront, and when Rosa and Nearly stumble upon it they set off a chain of events that include phone calls from the grave. It’s time for the teenagers of Concord Floral to start talking.

Staff and Cast

Director: Lana Sugarman



7:30pm Thursday
7:30pm Friday
2pm and 7:30pm Saturday
2pm Sunday


$5 - $10

(330) 972-7895

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Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Guzzetta Hall
228 E Buchtel Ave.
Akron, OH 44325