The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Upstage Players

Cleveland, OH
Youth Theatre

Based on the book by: L. Frank Baum

October 22 - October 24, 2022

Show Description:

The show features a comedic take on the traditional Wizard of Oz story. It’ll be an interesting show even if you have seen the original.

Staff and Cast


Dorothy Gale: Jayne Wilde

Toto: Giselle Thompson
Scarecrow: Nina Pomnean
Tin Woodman: Isobella McLaughlin
Cowardly Lion: Zuzu Ilcin
Wicked Witch of the West: Sophie Johnson
Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Declan MacKinnon
Glinda the Good: Kassidy Boggan
Narrator 1/Aunt Em: Morgan Ellis
Narrator 2/ Uncle Henry: Dominic Scott
Narrator 3/Good Witch of the North: Celia Brewer
Narrator 4/Winged Monkey King: Charlotte Marron
Narrator 5/Nimee Aimee: Delilah Delgado
Narrator 6/Nick Chopper: Luke Vidra
Narrator 7/Queen of the Field Mice: Amiyah Dornes
Narrator 8/Soldier at the Gate: Kayla Cummings
Narrator 9/Wicked Witch of the East: Lauren Turos
Narrator 10/Guardian of the Gate: Millie Johnson
Narrators: Amelie McLaughlin, Izzy Svoboda
Tech Crew: Jiana Colini, Lia Sheldon, Chinja Scott


7:30pm Friday
7:30pm Saturday
2:30pm Sunday



(216) 862-8892

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Health and Safety Guidelines

Due to social distancing we will be limited the amount of seats sold in each row. Please try and locate a row with the number in your party to remain social distanced from others.

Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories listed.


The Cleveland Public Library Memorial- Nottingham Branch
17109 Lake Shore Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44110