Book to Broadway

Cabaret Series

Western Reserve Playhouse

Bath, OH
Community Theatre

Created by: Patrick Hanlon

Friday, May 6, 2022

Show Description:

Is your idea of a fun Friday night to enjoy a glass of wine and read a good book?

Join the CaBARet Ensemble at Western Reserve Playhouse to hear your favorite novels come to life with live music. Featuring acts from famous books turned to musicals, Book to Broadway is an introductory theatre experience where patrons can mingle amongst themselves and enjoy the bar being open throughout the show. Look forward to bringing books such as Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and Tuck Everlasting to life.

Additionally, as the night progresses, enjoy a game of Musical Madlibs and get the opportunity to throw off some of your favorite performers! The funniest Madlibs could get picked to be performed onstage. Get your tickets today to this one night only event!

Staff and Cast

Director: Patrick Hanlon
Musical Director: David W. Coxe

Allie Garisto
Ben Arrington
Braelin Andrzejewski
Brian O. Jackson
Chris Bizub
David W. Coxe
Emily Sedmak
Emma Figge
Jason Salamon
Jen Justice
Kayla Lehman
Kimberly Sullivan
Maggie McClave
Patrick Hanlon
Rebecca Riffle
Robert Kowalewski


8pm Friday



(330) 620-7314

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Health and Safety Guidelines

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Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Western Reserve Playhouse
3326 Everett Road
Bath, OH 44286