The Witch of Edmonton

Western Reserve Playhouse

Bath, OH
Community Theatre

Adapted by: August Scarpelli

Friday, October 30, 2020

Show Description:

An unsettling tale of witchcraft, betrayal, and murder in a small town. Persecuted by her neighbors, Elizabeth Sawyer turns to the devil - who appears in the form of a black dog - for consolation and revenge. Once unleashed, the canine makes his own forays into the lives of the citizens of Edmonton.

Staff and Cast

Director: August Scarpelli

Elizabeth Sawyer - Samantha Cocco
Dog/Spirit - Katie Wells
Frank Thorney - Callie Sour
Winifred/Sawgut - Miah Montesano
Old Thorney - Lisa Georges
Sir Arthur/Katherine - Erin Moore
Old Carter - Kate Dwyer
Susan/Justice - Rose Scalish
Somerton/Anne - Julia Cooke
Warbeck/Hamluc - Hannah Hilty
Old Banks - Kathy Pekarcik
Cuddy Banks - Jen Hoppes


7:30 pm Friday



(330) 620-7314

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Content Advisories

This production has no content advisories.


Streaming on Facebook Live